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YourCall for Palm OS Professional Edition

YourCall provides a number functionalities that can be taken before, during and after a call
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10 March 2008

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Connecting with friends and loved ones have become a cakewalk owing to modern technology and internet. With the coming of mobile phones and instant messengers it is matter of seconds that you can reach anyone across the world instantly. Even the mobile phone sector has offered humongous variation in terms of features and options and the new category of smart phones has enabled the users to operate much more from their mobile phones besides the standard texting and calling options. Such features are consistently developing and new approaches are being added to connect computerized software with mobile technology. A new age application like YourCall for Palm OS Professional Edition 2.2 has been launched that makes call management easier and provides multiple options to utilize for incoming calls, during the call and even after the call is over.

YourCall for Palm OS Professional Edition 2.2 upon launch opens with a compact looking interface with the major options placed at the bottom panel that can be easily navigated through. We often wish to ignore some persistent callers without being blatantly rude, that can be done with the help of texting the person that we are busy at the moment. The program offers a similar and many new features that can enhance the experience of connecting through a mobile phone. The user can set hours and the time during which he/she wishes to accept calls; or even establish which calls the user wishes to block or respond automatically. Multitasking can have a new definition with the usage of this unique application to locate the user through maps and even take notes and create schedules and appointments without hanging up.

To conclude, YourCall for Palm OS Professional Edition 2.2 is an extremely effectual utility that enables the user to simplify the call management from mobile phones and hence gets a rating score of five points for its impressive performance and class leading feature set.

Publisher's description

Call management can be broken down into three distinct areas: Incoming, During and After-Call.
When an incoming call arrives do you contemplate whether or not you want to answer it? Wish you could block a frequent caller or send them a text message notifying them that you are preoccupied at the moment?
During a call, do you ever find yourself wanting to look at your calendar to see if you are available at the proposed time and then add it while you are thinking about it? Or perhaps you’d like to make certain you know exactly where you are going before you hang up.
After a call, have you looked at the notes you’ve scribbled shaking your head because what you would have preferred is to record that information directly into that person's contact history for future reference?
This is where YourCall comes in. YourCall provides a comprehensive selection of call management actions that can be taken in all three areas -- before, during and after. It is a great tool for helping Treo owners, whether casual users or business professionals, proactively handle all aspects of the mobile communications process.
Incoming Without Interrupting.
Just because your Treo is on, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a slave to it 24/7. With YourCall, you can handle incoming calls in a way that frees up your time, just by utilizing some of the many features it offers.
For example, you can set which hours you are willing to accept calls. Or you can establish which calls you’d like to block or respond to automatically.
Multi-tasking IS Possible During a Call!
Increasing the types of things you can do during a call can greatly improve your productivity. You can use Phone Number 411 Lookup via Google SMS to help out. Plus, with just one tap, you can map out addresses and find directions to wherever the caller may be located. More importantly, you have the ability to create meetings, tasks or calls without having to wait until the call is over to do so.
YourCall for Palm OS Professional Edition
YourCall for Palm OS Professional Edition
Version 2.2
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